Spring is beginning to spring

Is it always the yellow crocuses that bloom first? Yellow first, then purple and lastly the white. For the last couple of weeks we have seen shoots appearing in the woods and parks, crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils, bluebells, tulips... In fact shoots appeared from the bulbs I have in pots before Christmas in the snow.

Last weekend we walked up Ticknock, en famille. It was a gorgeous sunny day, I had even put a load of laundry out on the line to dry. We were so enthusiastic we headed up beyond the masts towards the fairy castle. We had always been too tired to make it up that far before. All of a sudden we were shrouded in clouds and it started to sleat! Needless to say we turned around and came down off the mountain very wet but happy with our adventure. From a bright sunny day it had very quickly turned into a hot chocolate sort of day!

I only walked once this week, bad. bad, bad!! I couldn't help walking with a spring in my step today because it was so lovely on Killiney Hill. The air was fresh and damp with fog, there was still a smell of pine in the air and around me among the trees were clutches of yellow crocuses.

This week during half term we will go to Cabinteely where we can enjoy the great display of crocuses lining both sides of the tree lined path up the hill from the old gates in off the old Bray road. It is always a spectacular display at this time of year.

A great website to look at with the children and see the signs of spring is; http:/www.greenwave.ie


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