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3rd week of January

I have been walking most days, some long walks, some short and sometimes twice a day! This is probably because at the beginning of the week I am very motivated so I have walked both in the morning and in the evening. Then as the week goes on, life tends to takes over and I find excuses to skip. How can I feel motivated all the time? Why is it easier to talk oneself into skipping out of a simple healthy walk?!
During my walks I have noticed that Santa delivered a lot of new bicycles and helmets at Christmas. Now for one of my pet peevs!! Please make sure your childs helmet is on correctly!! It makes me cringe when I see them hanging off or sitting on the back of precious little heads. It is easy to teach children how important is it to protect themselves properly.
"The helmet should sit level on the cyclist's head with only a couple of finger-widths between eyebrow and the helmet brim. The strap should sit at the back of the lower jaw, against the throat, and be sufficie…